Las Cuevas

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Cueva del Gollisno

Las Cuevas

Its name refers to a cave in Chulilla , where a waterfall forms in rainy seasons. It has 60 sq. meters and has capacity for 4 people, a bathroom and two bedrooms: one double and a suite. La Cueva...

Cueva del Tesoro

Las Cuevas

The treasury cave is a fully equipped 120 sq. meters house. It has three double bedrooms with queen-sized beds, two bathrooms, a 15 sq. meters terrace and views to the Túria Canyon. It has a wood...

Cueva de la Portería

Las Cuevas

This house has 80 sq. meters and the origin of its name is unknown. It is a spacious duplex with 3 bedrooms: one suite, one double and the last one has bunk beds and a spare-bed. I t has capaci...

Cueva del Sereno

Las Cuevas

Its name refers to the cave in which the night watchman sought for shelter. It has 60 sq. meters and capacity for 4 people. The double room is very spacious, has two larger beds and a fully eq...

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